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Meet NETwork speaker. Daniel Fisher


Meet Daniel Fisher from Germany. Daniel began his path in IT in early nineties assembling computers and configuring networks. Today he is a well-known developer, teacher, trainer, coacher, and speaker.

Hi, Daniel. Please, tell us a bit more about yourself and your career in IT.

My name is Daniel Fisher. Over the last two decades I’ve worked in different positions in IT: Administrator, Web-Developer, Software Engineer, Software Architect, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and CTO.

I’ve worked on several platforms and with many languages, but mostly web-related ones and the majority of them on .NET/C# and JavaScript. My interest is focused on HTML5 & Web, Data Access & Performance, Scalable & Testable Design, Distributed Systems & Services, Security & Trust.

Why did you decide to work with computers back in nineties?

That’s kind of a weird story. I wanted to become a carpenter, but quickly realized that this wasn’t for me. As I’ve worked on holidays, building computers and wiring networks, before IT became my second best bet. I don’t look back in anger. I’m really passionate about and happy with what I’m doing.

What do you like the most about your job?

The variety of people, businesses I work with; the variety of problems to be solved, as well as lifelong learning.

What are your hobbies?

My family, music, and, of course, computer science.

Is it you first visit to Ukraine? What do you expect from NETwork 2015?

I’ve been to Kyiv before, when I did an architecture workshop series for Microsoft on distributed systems and service orientation in 2005. The country and the people I met were really nice the last time I was in Ukraine. So I thought, it is worth paying another visit.