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Sander Hoogendorn

In his role of principal technology officer and global agile thought leader at Capgemini, Sander Hoogendoorn is involved in the innovation of software development processes, techniques, architectures, patterns, framework and technologies, both at Capgemini and its many international clients.

Sander coached many organizations and projects, has written books on UML and agile and has published over 200 articles in international magazines. He is an appreciated and inspiring speaker at international conferences, including JAOO, OOP, TechEd US, SDC, DevDays, TechEd Europe, JavaPolis, SET, TDWI, TestNet, DTC, SOA & Cloud Symposium, Jazoon and he hosts seminars on agile, UML, software architecture and estimation. Sander is a member of Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Council for .NET and several other editorial and advisory boards, and he is the chief architect of Capgemini’s agile software development platform ADP.

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